Some sites that sparked my creativity, or might be of interest to you…

My Soundcloud, here you’ll find my latest recordings, although I’ll also post them on this blog once I’m done writing about all the finished project.

My bandcamp page, currently empty, but will feature most of my music in a few days. All songs can be downloaded for free, although donations are appreciated :).

Guitar Extended, some really awesome DSP effects, including working pure data patches that can be downloaded!

Roadburn, without a doubt my favorite music festival. Attending the festival in 2011 completely changed my view on music (in a good way). It’s mainly focused on Doom metal, Psychedelic Rock and anything in between, but there are no boundaries as to which genres are booked. This year, Diamanda Galas and Repulsion consecutively played the main stage!

Dogenigt, has some neat projects involving analoge synths and diy glitch/noise makers.

dos4ever, If you’re doing anything with tubes, a tube tester is almost essential. On his site, Ronald sells the utracer, a tube tester and curve tracer. It is available as an easy to build kit (just some basic soldering), which comes with an elaborate and very clear manual. It outperforms most other, much more expensive tube testers and Ronald offers very good support, should any issues occur. Highly recommended!