Creating noisy creations

Hi there, I’m Pieter. Currently, I am finishing a masters in paleoclimatology (meaning that I study Earth’s climate in the geological past). I’ve been playing the guitar for about six years and bass guitar for 3 years. At some point, I wanted to play more experimental music, with strange effects. In search for the ‘sound in my head’ I had a hard time finding the right effects, so I decided to try to make some of them my self. I already knew the basics and had most of the necessary equipment (a story for another post), making for an easy start.

Lately, I felt the need to document, and share, musical ideas and creation. Although I’ve been posting updates on my personal Facebook, I don’t want to bother all my Facebook friends with in depth posts on starved plate tube amplifier schematics and such. That’s were this blog comes in; here I’ll share all my diy guitar effect projects (whether finished or just a concept), musical creations and probably some DSP and MIDI stuff as well.

At this point, I’m not sure how much time I can and want to spend writing blog entries, but I’ll try to post frequently, as I’ve got plenty ideas.

That’s enough for now,



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